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Evolve Blue develop creative, advanced and reliable web and mobile solution for your business needs. We have deep skills, agile process, flexibility to develop optimum solutions. We are “Onshore / Offshore software development service provider”​ company based in Phoenixville, PA USA. We provide massive technical experience and multi-talented software professionals having tremendous passion for building end-to-end business solutions
that are robust, scalable and maintainable.



C# .Net MVC

Powerful solutions and Applications crafted using the simplicity of C# combined with the scalability and robustness of the .NET Framework. We provide ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework, Linq, SQL, Window Services, Web Services, Win Form, XAML etc.



Develop extremely scalable and robust applications that enrich your business using J2EE, Spring, Scala, Kotlin and Play framework.



A scripting language that offers a wide range of frameworks to choose from such as YII, Zend, Laravel, CakePHP and Slim.


Ruby On Rails

Reliable, scalable applications and unique solutions to enhance, customize and empower your Business Requirements.



An industrywide standard for simple code which we use to deliver rich front-end solutions, robust backends, and accelerated computing.


Node JS

A Sophisticated JavaScript based run-time environment that seamlessly works across platforms to deliver both front-end and backend solutions.


Graphics Designing

Enhance your market presence and impress your customers with quality logos, graphics and print design. Better presentation of your products and services generates higher interest levels. Logos, Graphics, Prints, Flyers, Banners etc



With the best digital technology available we provide creative ways to communicate in today’s world using a wide range of  multimedia services. We offer various multimedia services i.e. Marketing Videos, Presentations, Audio Transfer, Editing & Mixing, Color Corrections, Effects, FX, Occassion Videos Editing, Demos etc.


2d / 3d Modelling Design

We are experienced CAD modelling experts who offer accurate and efficient 2D / 3D CAD modelling visualizations. In 3D Modelling Services, we also provide 3D Layout Drawing services, 3D Walk Through & 3D Fly Through services.



Create powerful, fluid and intuitive solutions with our HTML & CSS3 services that will enhance your website or web application and enrich your business growth.


Jquery & Mobile

JQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.


Single Page Apps

Single page application frameworks are great. They abstract away much of the complexity of building a single-page application (SPA) and help you organize your code in an easy manner as your project scales and grow.


UI Frameworks

Front-end frameworks let you hit the ground running when developing a new website. so it’s worth it to get up to speed about today’s most popular options.


Native Apps

Develop Native Mobile Applications for iOS, Android


Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Cross Platform Mobile Application developed using Ionic + PhoneGap.


React Native

End-to-end React Native Development for Cross Platform Mobile Apps.



Native Cross Platform Mobile Application developed using Microsoft Xamarin Framework.


PHP Based

Top PHP Based WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento cms platforms. Top reasons for using a CMS are Multiple editors, Templates, Governance, Global changes, Ease of use, Security, Time Savings, Plugins, Modules Integration etc.


.Net Based CMS

Top Dot Net Based DNN, SiteInfinity, Umbrace platforms. Top reasons for using a CMS are Multiple editors, Templates, Governance, Global changes, Ease of use, Security, Time Savings, Plugins, Modules Integration etc.


Ecommerce CMS

Top Ecommerce CMS solutions Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify etc These solutions help ecommerce business launch quickly and successfully.


Manual Tesing

Manual Testing is the most primitive of all testing types and helps find bugs in the software system. Any new application must be manually tested before its testing can be automated. Manual Testing requires more effort, but is necessary to check  automation feasibility.


Automation Testing

We aims to provide complete automation testing using selenium, appium tool etc to our clients web and mobile projects. Automation testing is helpful for large projects, similar test cases and its saves time.


We transform ideas & vision into the reality.

Cost Effective

We provide cost effective solutions based on business requirements and budget to our clients. We are trusted on our IT Solutions and Services which are customized to every customer’s particular needs.

High quality

We have a large pool of specialized team, utilize just the most ideal advances, pursue a thorough procedure to ensure quality and we have 10 years of experience to provide high quality & tested products to our clients.


We have greatly expert specialized group of team who are multi talented and reliably ready to provide solution on time. We assure you the best team assigned to your projects who understand the requirements and deliver solution with depth knowledge of technologies.

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Have a project for us?
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Nitin Bhatia

CTO (Evolve Blue)

Nitin Bhatia having 15 plus years experience in the technology industry helping start-ups, business, companies to strategic, define, design and develop web and mobile products and applications. I am an experienced information technology professional having Bachelors and Master in Computer Application from India.



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Discuss requirements specification with customers where the projects are subject to specification and design changes midstream. It gives greater flexibility in terms of developing and modifying the project specifications on an ongoing basis based on the changing market needs.

WireFrame & Prototype Design

The building of wireframe & prototype is fast and cheap. Wireframe and prototype is much easier and more important. Why? Because people pay more attention to software functionality, information architecture, user experience, user interaction flowchart, and it’s usability before development process.
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Our Development Methodology is a framework to structure, plan, and control the process of developing an information system. We choose Waterfall, Iterative, Agile or some other methodology, we adhere to the SDM so we can effectively determine the success of a project for clients.


We review code in a systematic way of software source code before deployment. It’s conducted to find bugs and improve overall quality of the software. Code review also helps us to maintain consistent coding style across the company. We build confidence of client about the technical quality of the execution.

Deploy and Maintain

We prepare complete task checklist before deployment that make sure success before and after deployment. We use all kinds of automated deployments tools according to requirement of projects. Automated deployment reduces errors, saves time and make the process easy and practical anyone on team can do it. We fully maintain software, apps after delivery of project according to client budget and requirements. There are number of reason software required maintenance i.e Client Requirements, Technical Changes, New Features & Modifications etc.


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